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Rock Climbing in Idyllwild

Idyllwild California is one of the reputable places where the sport of rock climbing took its hold. The rocks of Tahquitz and Suicide are not only popular because of the wide variety of climbs, but are also snuggled in the Southern California mountains which gives climbers excellent weather to climb in. Tahquitz rock is much more identifiable than its counter-part Suicide Rock. Tahquitz rock can be seen from miles away. It appears from a distance as a little rock stuck in the side of the mountain, but when you are at the base of this rock the term little no longer fits its description. The Idyllwild rocks are both multi-pitched crags, and will require rock climbing gear. If you are in the mood to climb, but dont have the experience, gear or bravery of heights, you will also find "bouldering" a nice alternative. The term bouldering refers to climbing boulders to learn skills that are used in rock climbing. The nice thing about bouldering, is that many rocks are only several feet of the ground and falling is less of a tragedy. Either way you choose, be careful, be smart and be considerate of others (both present and future).

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